The Best Antenatal Classes in the Cotswolds

Once you find out you are pregnant you will likely want to learn everything you can about your pregnancy and the development of your growing baby and a popular way to learn everything you need to know is with the help of an antenatal or pregnancy class in the Cotswolds. 

These classes are typically facilitated by healthcare professionals or experienced midwives, covering a diverse array of subjects related to pregnancy, labour, and early parenthood. During antenatal classes, expectant mothers learn vital information about what to expect from their pregnancy, how to cope with pregnancy symptoms, and how to spot the signs of labour. Antenatal classes can be very informative and include important information on how to navigate labour, and how to implement relaxation techniques to create a positive birthing experience. 

Some pregnancy classes also offer pregnancy-safe exercises such as yoga and stretching. Pregnancy classes also offer the ideal environment to meet other parents and create connections with other women who are having their babies around the same time as you. Creating lasting connections with other expectant parents can provide a supportive community during both your pregnancy and after your baby is born.

However, how do you find an antenatal class that is right for you? Below we have compiled a list of the five best antenatal and pregnancy classes available in the Cotswolds area. 

The Holistic Haven

The Holistic Haven offers expectant mothers pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing classes. Set up by Jen, a mother to two young girls, and a qualified Reflexologist and Hypnobirthing teacher, The Holistic Haven offers supportive classes to mothers-to-be in the Wiltshire area. 

Experience the 6-week Pregnancy Yoga and Relaxation program, designed for expectant mothers. Each session, spanning 1 hour and 15 minutes, is a soothing place for you to unwind, and connect with your growing baby. Each week a distinct birth or pregnancy topic is explored, followed by a guided relaxation session. During classes, you can also make connections with fellow expectant parents within the local community.

Expectant mothers can also take Hypnobirthing classes—an approach firmly grounded in science and empowerment. The Holistic Haven focuses on teaching adaptable techniques for various scenarios, including caesarean sections and induction. 

The classes delve into how to create a positive birth experience, and dispelling childbirth-related fears. Classes also focus on how to master deep relaxation through breathing and visualisation

Expanding beyond Hypnobirthing, the classes encompass Pregnancy Relaxation, Positive Caesarean Workshops, 3 Step Birth Rewind Awareness classes, Pre and Postnatal yoga sessions, and Infant Feeding Support Sessions. 

Best Antenatal Classes in the Costwolds: Our Baby Club

Our Baby Club, founded by Victoria Warnes, aims to support and empower prospective parents through their range of classes in the Cotswolds area. Our Baby Club aims to equip parents with the tools to self-support and arms them with the knowledge needed to navigate childbirth and the initial days at home with their newborn. 

The Birth & Early Days Preparation is the ideal class for first-time parents. The five-session course is guided by our esteemed FEDANT-accredited Birth & Parent Coaches and ensures expectant parents leave positively prepared in both mind and body, for the birth of their child. 

Classes include the latest evidence-based research, parenting insights, and interactive sessions, devoid of any cringe-inducing role plays. The  Birth & Early Days Preparation course also includes a Before Noon Tea and a thoughtful Goody bag, and parents can book ‘Mini First Aid’ classes. 

Our Baby Club also includes classes for parents who already have children and grandparents preparation classes. 

The Bump to Baby Chapter  

The Bump to Baby Chapter was set up by Beth, a midwife and mother of four, who wanted to support mothers-to-be and use her knowledge as an NHS midwife. The Bump to Baby Chapter offers antenatal classes to mothers-to-be in the Cheltenham and Gloucester area and includes both online and in-person formats. 

In-person antenatal classes, taught over 4 evenings, include practical tips to help with your birth and cover everything from when to go into the hospital to coming home with your baby. Classes also cover what to expect from a caesarean birth and taking care of your baby when you get home. 

The online classes cover everything in the in-person classes, however, the face-to-face classes have the added benefit of being able to meet other expectant parents in your local area. 

Bump and Baby Club – Oxford

Bump & Baby Club is an independent provider of antenatal classes in the UK. They provide informative courses for expectant parents available both online and in person. 

The Bump & Baby Club classes take a modern approach to traditional antenatal education, placing a strong emphasis on supporting your choices throughout your pregnancy and birth journey. The Bump & Baby classes offer a sociable setting for parents-to-be to come together, learn about pregnancy, birth, and baby care, and have some fun. Each class is limited to only ten couples with baby due dates within a four-week window of each other, providing parents with the opportunity to create meaningful friendships. 

Bump & Baby Club classes also include free baby first aid information to assist parents should an emergency arise once their baby is born. Classes also include a hypnobirthing course enabling expectant parents to explore relaxation techniques and foster a positive and empowering birthing experience. 

The Baby Journey 

The Baby Journey was set up by two midwives, Hannah and Jules, and now employs several fully qualified midwives as part of the Baby Journey team. The aim is to provide supportive and informative antenatal classes to expectant mothers using the wealth of knowledge the team has from their careers as midwives and as mothers themselves. 

The Baby Journey offers antenatal classes and hypnobirthing classes to expectant mums-to-be in the Cheltenham area. The antenatal classes are held over four consecutive weekday evenings or two longer weekend days. The sessions cover everything a new mum would need to know to prepare themselves including what to expect during pregnancy, pain relief methods and what to expect from labour, and how to prepare for the first few weeks with your baby. 

Hypnobirthing workshops are also offered to help expectant mums learn how to use breathwork, massage, and optimal fetal positioning to help create a positive birth experience. 

Counting Down The Days?

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