Imagine planning a beautiful summer evening with the person you love.

For an important anniversary maybe and you want it to be memorable.

A special gift is ready, waiting to be opened, you have chosen your dress and… you are getting ready a mental list of restaurants you might want to book.

Am I right thinking a fast food takeaway would not be at the top of your list?

For your best memories, the most special moments, you want the best. You want something unique.


Right now you are probably thinking: “Ok, what’s that got to do with my baby photography?”

When it comes to photography, baby photography especially, creating truly unique photographs and artwork for your family requires some planning.

To me, in fact, “bespoke” does not only mean using colours or props you like, it goes as far as creating entire setups exclusively for you – for example, to incorporate a piece of your family history in the scene.

Bespoke baby photography. Dairy Farm baby.


This gorgeous little boy came to visit me a few weeks ago for his newborn session.

His parents are Dairy Farmers, a successful family business going back many generations.

Knowing the farm would obviously be a huge part of his life, I wanted to include some elements of this in the styling of the session.

Fresh Milk, Glass milk bottles and freshly picked meadow flowers allowed me to create a ‘down on the farm’ feel to the set and it was such a pleasure to pick buttercups and cow parsley in the morning sunshine on the way to the studio that day.

Of course, your artwork doesn’t need to have a ‘theme’ as such – or such a strong characterisation.

I could design your set up around a certain colour palette that would go amazingly with your newly decorated living room, or maybe you simply loved the flowers that were in your wedding bouquet and would like them to feature in the design.


Our pre-session consultation is key in this sense.

It’s time we dedicate entirely to getting to know one another and ensure we are a good fit, but also to create a vision for your session.

We want your tiny one to be the focus of your photoshoot and photographs, of course, so it is my job to ensure all elements of our setups work together harmoniously and don’t become a distraction.

Imagine having a wonderful piece of artwork on your wall featuring your beautiful newborn baby, now add in some personal elements to give that artwork a bit of a story with some family connections. 

It is no longer simply an image of a gorgeous baby, but it is your baby, the new addition to your family!


The best time to photograph your baby is when they are under 3 weeks of age, so you can contact me any time after your 20 weeks scan.

Want to know more about setups and styling options? Get in touch now! Emma Attwood Photography is located in Pershore (Worcestershire) and specialises in Fine Art Newborn and Baby Photography.