Your child’s name is one of the gifts you give them that will stay with them for life.

… Unless they really hate it and change it by deed poll of course, so hopefully you can avoid that!

This is why it is so important to get it right!

Recently there seems to have been a big trend for elaborate and fancy names. With names being appropriated from TV shows and films, favourite books, and the like. 

There is nothing wrong with doing this, however, your child will be around long after most of these TV series have been forgotten. 

There is also the risk of your child being one of six children with the same name – that name you considered so unique at the time of their birth, is suddenly as common as the ‘John’ of years ago. 



Children can be brutal, so it’s vital you check whether your chosen name has any hidden connotations.

Kids have enough to worry about when starting school, without fearing being mocked for their name.

Be sure that there are no obvious, horrific nicknames they could be lumbered with. 

Shortened versions

Can your chosen name be shortened?

Do you still like the shortened version? 

For example, you might love the name ‘Teddy’, but hate the diminutive ‘Ted’ 

Do you and your partner agree on the name?

It might seem like a small thing, but the name of your baby can be part of the bonding process. If a name is chosen that one of you doesn’t like, there could be a knock-on effect. It could also cause underlying resentment from the party who did not get to choose! 

If you are finding it hard to come up with a name you both like, compromise.

You could agree one chooses your child’s first name and the other the middle name.

Or agree that whoever doesn’t choose this time, gets to choose with your next baby. 

Whatever you do, don’t choose a name that one of you HATES.

Immediately rule out any that don’t pass muster for you both, even if that means rejecting your first choice name. 

Will your chosen name ‘suit’ your child as they grow?

Bear is an extremely popular name currently, but while it is pretty cute for a newborn, does it really translate well to a grown up?

While more unusual names are being more widely accepted, we still live in a world where people are sometimes judged on their names.

Imagine calling your child Thor (you may laugh, but that’s not the strangest name we have heard) but your child grows up to be a slim, quiet, bespectacled bank manager – this could be a source of mirth to many. 


Whilst it can be tempting to give your child an elaborately spelled name, or even change the spelling of a well used name to make it unique, do not forget that not only will your child need to learn to spell it, so will everyone else!

Names with difficult or ‘original’ spellings can cause all sorts of issues. From other kids struggling to write party invites or Christmas cards, to people getting it wrong on official documents. 

So, with all these things in mind, we have come up with our list of simple baby boy names. For those wanting to avoid the potential pitfalls illustrated above. 

We love these ten simple baby boy’s names and have included their special meanings. 


Harvey Strong and worthy 

Miles Merciful or a soldier

George Farmer/earthworker 

Cole Victory

Kai Sea

Max Greatest 

Jack Gracious

Toby Good

Rory King

Luke Light giving


Of course, there are hundreds of lovely, simple baby boy’s names out there, and hundreds of gorgeous elaborate names too. It is entirely up to you whether you go simple or fancy.

All we advise is to consider your child’s future and whether the name you choose will be a source of pride or embarrassment for them! 


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