Safety in the Studio – Covid – 19

The health and wellbeing of my clients has always been my top priority.

I believe that I have taken every precaution possible to adhere to Government guidelines and to keep everyone safe in my studio.

The studio will be available for Fine Art Maternity sessions, Newborn mini sessions, Sit & Giggle Sessions, Cake Smash & Splash sessions and Fine Art Child Portrait sessions.  

Family photoshoots and Themed Sessions (eg. Fairies) will not be available until further notice.

Below I have outlined a detailed breakdown of my new studio procedures:

All studio surfaces will be thoroughly sanitised between sessions, and I will allow at least 48 hours between each session.

All clothes, blankets and backdrops used during each session will be washed and all props will be sanitised.

Headbands and fluff layers that cannot be machine washed will be steam cleaned and be left for 48 hours between use.

A sanitised clear Perspex sheet will be used over the backdrop floor for Cake Smash sessions. This will ensure that your little one is able to have ‘safe’ fun making a cakey mess in the usual way.

Clients will be encouraged to bring their own refreshments, but disposable (compostable) cups will be available.

Dettol All in one Disinfected spray will be used after each session to sanitise the fabric seating.

Let’s work together to maintain a safe studio environment so that you can enjoy your studio experience and we can create beautiful artwork for you and your family to treasure.

Please ensure that you have been symptom free of any illness for 72 hours prior to attending the studio.  If you or any of your family feel unwell, please notify me as soon as possible and do not come to the studio.

Follow Covid-19 isolation rules if you have contracted the illness.

Please do not attend the studio if you have been in contact with anyone with Covid -19 symptoms up to 14 days prior to your photoshoot.

The above also applies to me as your photographer, I will notify you as soon as possible if your session needs to be rescheduled.

The ‘Covid-19 secure’ rules state that where possible we must put in procedures to remain 2 metres apart but where this is not possible appropriate measures must be implemented to manage transmission risk.

Please try to adhere to 2 metre distancing where possible. I appreciate the studio is a small space but the following procedures will help with social distancing.

A marker tape on the floor marks 2 metres from the area where your child will be placed for their photos (excluding newborns). I will remain behind this line and ask that a parent remains close to the backdrop and near their child at all times. Sitter and Cake smash photoshoots will be limited to 1 child (or twins) and two parents only, to ensure that 2 metre distancing can be maintained.

Unfortunately, siblings will not be able to attend these sessions.

Maternity sessions will be limited to the expectant parents only. If you have older siblings to be included please notify me in advance and we will plan accordingly.

Only newborn ‘mini’ sessions will be arranged (until further notice) in order to minimise the session time.

Due to the nature of newborn sessions, it means that 2 metre social distancing is not always possible, but every care will be taken to work as safely as possible.  Only immediate family members will be allowed to attend the session, preferably just the parents. 

Handling and posing newborns will be kept to a minimum and parents will be given the option to undertake wrapping and posing if they wish to do so.

Babies will be snugly ‘wrapped’ for all newborn poses so that the studio will not need to be heated to the high temperature that is usually required for a full newborn session.

I will wash my hands thoroughly before and after sessions and use hand sanitiser throughout. There will be additional hand sanitiser available for clients to use in the studio.

Clients will be asked remove their shoes and to wash their hands on arrival.

Cloakroom facilities will be available to clients as usual, with the addition of disposable paper hand towels and disposable baby changing mats.

Anyone in the studio, (unless they are being photographed or under 2) must wear a face covering (mask). You are welcome to bring your own to wear, but I have a supply of disposable ‘masks’ available for you to use.

I will wear a professionally made cloth face covering (mask) during each session. A fresh mask will be used for each session and will be machine washed to sanitise after every session.

Please only bring items into the studio that are necessary for your session and ensure that any outfit changes you bring with you have been washed prior to attending the studio.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:

Looking forward to seeing you in the studio very soon